February 2011 Update

Friends of Life,

I hope this update finds you well and content in the Lord. I am quite overdue in sending this report. Sometimes it’s challenging to do both the WORK of the ministry and also REPORT on the work of the ministry! Because it’s been almost two months since I last sent an update, I have a great deal of news. Let’s get started!

In the previous report, I told you about Amanda and her shower. Her little girl, Addison Kaydence, was born right after Christmas on December 27. She weighed 5lb 12oz and was 19″ long. She is precious. Take a look at who God has fashioned in His own image:


We started the New Year off with celebration! Kym Leigh Rose was born exactly on her very special due date! Her birthday will be EASY to remember: 1.1.11. She weighed 7lb 2oz. Her mother, See, who is Hmong and from Laos, and Kym were saved from the clutches of Satan at the Latrobe killing center last spring. Here she is, whom God formed in secret:

Kym Leigh Rose

On January 9, I showered Brandy, who is only 17 years old. She is a precious young lady with a tender heart. I was able to clearly articulate the Gospel and God’s great plan to both her and her mother. It was a wonderful and encouraging shower. They live very near Hickory Grove Baptist church and I encouraged them to attend. (If any of you are members there and would like to reach out to Brandy and her family, let me know.) Her baby, Tristan Samuel, was born 2.9.11 and he weighed 8lb 10oz and was 20.5″. I haven’t met him in person yet, but surely by my next report, I’ll have a photo to share with you. This is a photo of Brandy from her shower:


Keep going; there’s more good news…

Next was Itzel’s baby’s birth. Alexander has a special birthday, too, 1.11.11! Itzel was in a car accident in Charlotte on that icy, snowy night and it triggered her labor. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Alexander arrived weighing 7lb 7oz and was 19″ long. He, too, was saved from death at the Latrobe abortion center and here he is:


Wendy’s shower was held 1.22.11, on the 38th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Katherine Hearn met Wendy, again at the Latrobe center. (As you know by now, Katherine is an extremely fruitful sidewalk counselor.) Wendy has 3 children from 8 to 2, and a baby boy due March 23. Katherine went with me to Wendy’s home, where we brought in the lavish assortment of Truth & Mercy baby gifts and equipment. (You would truly be astounded if you could see it all.) We then took her out to lunch and had a long conversation about the Lord, His love, His truth and His claims on her life. I pray that all those seeds which were planted in what seemed like very fertile soil, will take root and bear much fruit. Here is beautiful Wendy:


Hang on, there’s still more!

Adreanna’s shower was next, on 1.23.11. Adreanna is a teen of 17. She did NOT consider abortion, thankfully, though she did try to hide her pregnancy from her mom for quite some time. She was young, unsure and scared. She has a wonderful, extended family and her uncle and aunt are strong believers who have been taking her to a terrific church in Kannapolis, Brookdale Baptist. As only God can orchestrate, Brookdale Baptist is where my kids and I, and about 27 other families, go for our weekly homeschool coop gathering. Brookdale has been graciously hosting our coop for 2 years, even though none of our coop members was originally from this church (one dear family belongs there now). When Adreanna’s need was presented to me by my coop friend Lisa, I was eager to help. The ladies at Brookdale put on a lovely cake and punch party. The church generously purchased her crib and mattress, and Truth & Mercy provided all the rest. It was a lovely time, and I was quick to point out God’s provision and care to Adreanna. The abundant and lavish gifts are a tiny expression of God’s love, care and mercy toward Adreanna and her family. Adreanna had her 9lb baby boy, Thomas, just a couple of days ago.


I’m still not finished…

Alejandra was met by Christians at Latrobe abortion center late last summer and miraculously, she saved her baby. She went into labor many times during her last trimester. Finally, the doctors hospitalized her to get her safely to the 37th week. She delivered little Miah on 1.27.11. She weighed 5lb 8oz at birth, but lost down to just 2lb in a few days. She stayed in the hospital for a couple of weeks and is now back up to her birth weight and is doing well. Due to the hospitalization and early arrival, she was born before I could do the shower! I met little Miah and had Alejandra’s shower on the same day last week. It’s remarkable to realize that Miah was in Satan’s hold a few, short months ago. Rejoice that God has spared her and her mother:

Miah & Alejandra

I’d like to give a quick update on a mom, Jessica, who chose life for her son almost 2 years ago. I’ve kept in touch with them, even though they live 2.5 hours away in the NC mountains. I’ve switched out clothing for size adjustments twice over the last year. Jessica is 35 years old and a precious lady. We met up again about a month ago. Here is a current photo of Dominic, who is now 14 months old.


Before I close, I’d like to bring your attention to the battle for life on the street. On January 22, the 38th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision, many local Christians met in front of the Latrobe center to proclaim the Gospel to the workers and patients. We also prayed for our nation, which is clearly under judgment for this horrendous sin we’ve complacently allowed for the past 38 years.

My kids and I have been studying the 1900s this year in our history studies. We’ve learned about the atrocities of the WWII era and Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Mao Zedong, but nothing compares to the 50+ million unborn babies our nation has destroyed in the last 38 years. We make these ruthless murderers look like penny-ante killers.

We had been at Latrobe for a couple of hours that morning, when the devil’s minions conferred upon us. They poured in with their mocking, sneering voices and their repugnant, deceitful signs. One young lady held a sign she made that read “I *heart* This Clinic” (she’s on the right in the 3rd photo). I found that particulaly intriguing. This clinic has called dozens of ambulances over the last few years due to botched “safe and legal” abortions. Matter of fact, they just had another ambulance call about a week after this photo was taken. It’s routine business procedure.

They mixed right in with our group. Yet we rejoiced! We had yet another audience to proclaim the glorious Gospel to. We worshipped King Jesus and preached truth. I dare think that many of these folks had never heard the true Gospel before. May God give them dreams and visions. May God cause His truth to reverberate in their minds. May God take away their stony hearts and give them hearts of flesh!

Rejoice! His Kingdom is at hand and He is at work!

May I present some ministry needs? I recently finished 4 showers and I am gearing up for the next cycle of 6 showers. My equipment is almost entirely depleted. I have NO infant car seats and only one crib. I also have need for swings, strollers, bouncy seats, high chairs and exersaucers. I need Boppy pillows, board books, toys, diapers, diaper bags, medical kits (with thermometer, nasal aspirator, nail clippers, etc.)…anything a baby or mom could use. I take maternity clothes and also baby clothes from size newborn to 24 months.

I’d love any new or gently used, clean baby items!

Since the kids and I recently studied his era and his amazing contribution and sacrifice during WWII, I’d like to close with a quote from German pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship. “Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves…the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance; baptism without church discipline; communion without confession. Cheap grace is grace without discipleship; grace without the cross; grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate. Costly grace is costly because it calls us to follow, and it is grace because it calls us to follow Jesus Christ. It is costly because it costs a man his life, and it is grace because it gives a man the only true life. It is costly because it condemns sin, and grace because it justifies the sinner. Above all, it is costly because it cost God the life of His Son.”

Thanks for fighting the good fight for life with me. I couldn’t do this without you.
Sheryl Chandler

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