November 2014 Update

Dear Friends of Life,

May our magnificent Messiah receive all the praise and glory for His steady, faithful hand providing for 26-years of prolife ministry! Each October, as the calendar makes another turn, I stand in awe and amazement at what He has done: 1,250 babies saved. Hundreds of mothers lavishly showered. Thousands of Gospel proclamations made. I never could have imagined all this back when I started in October 1988, when I took my first simple step and went to a Charlotte abortion clinic to proclaim truth and offer mercy. Then I took another step, and another…and pretty soon, it started to up! Line upon line. Precept upon precept. Dietrich Bonhoeffer used this descriptive phrase in his book The Cost of Discipleship: “A long obedience in the same direction”. May we all posture our hearts and lives toward God, move towards Him, and OBEY!

Since my August 1 report, 8 babies have been born, so I will begin with the best news!

1) Jameka had her baby boy on August 5 and named him Sebastian. He weighed 6lb 7oz. God used Tom and Carolyn Barry as instruments to get Jameka’s attention that God-ordained day, when their lives all intersected at the abortion clinic. Courtney Parks, a nurse, provided a free ultrasound on Monroe HELP Center’s mobile RV unit, which was parked right in front of the clinic. Little Sebastian was just 12-weeks old at the time she saw him on the screen, and mama Jameka had a change of heart. The few weeks after an encounter at the abortion clinic are critical. Remaining vulnerable, women often waffle and fall back into temptation and fear. Treacherously, the abortion clinic hounds them with multiple phone calls, urging them to return and “take care of their problem” aggressively marketing their “service”. Unfortunately, Jameka succumbed and returned to the clinic TWO more times to destroy this child. By God’s grace, she couldn’t go through with it either time, because God’s Word, previously spoken, was living and active in her conscious. At the shower last July, we all very boldly proclaimed truth and mercy to Jameka, but her heart seems intent on remaining in her sin. Pray for her, please. Here is Sebastian, her fourth child, now welcomed and loved.

2) Kayla, age 21, had her baby boy, Easton, on August 20. He weighed 7lb 11oz. Kayla’s shower was last summer. Lisa Metzger, sidewalk counselor extraordinaire, met Kayla and her mother at the Latrobe abortion clinic. The Monroe HELP Center’s mobile RV unit was parked in front of the abortion clinic and Kayla agreed to go inside for a free ultrasound, administered by Sherry Desloge. After an intense time of ministry and counsel, she chose life and here is the little one who was so tiny, yet extremely active, in her womb that day. Meet Easton.

3) Wendy delivered her daughter on September 12, and little Leslie weighed 6lb 11oz. I’ve showered Wendy before, a few years ago. She truly is one of the most precious young ladies I know. She had a most difficult childhood and many of her problems relate to her history. Leslie is her sixth child. Wendy is so tender and soft-hearted. She is an amazing mother and a very hard worker. When she showed up at the Latrobe clinic, Lisa Metzger met her on the sidewalk and struck up a conversation. Wendy told Lisa about me and Katherine Hearn and little bit of her history with us. She left the clinic that day, still pregnant, but not at all firm in her choice for life. It took countless phone calls, meetings, texts and emails with Katherine, Lisa and myself, before she quit teetering between life and death. She always desired to do the right thing, but her circumstances are truly difficult. Katherine came to Wendy’s Truth & Mercy shower last July, and once again, we laid out the Gospel to her until late in the evening. God is drawing her, I’m confident. Pray for her to fully trust in Christ and to fully obey Him in all areas. Meet Leslie, God’s handiwork.

4) Veronica delivered her baby girl, Allison Jasmine, on September 30. Like Easton, she also weighed 7lb 11oz and she was 20.75″ long. Nurse Vasti Geddes met Veronica at the Hebron Rd. abortion center. Angela Hernandez, from Charlotte Pregnancy Resource Center, helped Veronica with transportation to and from the one-and-only Dr. Matt Harrison, who provided free medical care. Her baby shower was last July, thanks to ministry supporters like YOU! Two weeks after her shower, when I discovered her need for a dresser and spread the word, my friends Chuck and Nita Jakubisin donated a large one to Veronica. Meet the beautiful Allison, who bears the Creator’s image.

5) Adriana gave birth to little Kasey in September. If you remember my past story about Adriana, the clinic personnel had told her that her 8-week baby was “just a string” in her uterus. When Adriana met Russell Justice last January, he told her the truth about her baby. He invited her onto Charlotte Pregnancy Resource Center’s mobile ultrasound RV unit, parked near the Hebron Road abortion facility. With the help of nurse, Vasti Geddes, Adriana was amazed to hear her “string’s” heartbeat and gaze upon her “string’s” beautiful form. Her “string” was very active, turning somersaults and waving – complete with fingers and toes. With tears of joy and relief, Adriana chose life for her little “string” and Truth & Mercy showered her last July: Rejoice, here’s Kasey, Adriana’s little “string”.

6) I rejoice to share this incredible news! Friends Jennifer and Emeka Olumba, who are related to prolife ministers Brett and Karen Woods, adopted a little baby girl who was once scheduled to die. Jessica Mullen met Emma at the Latrobe clinic and spoke words of truth and love to her. By God’s grace, Emma’s heart softened and she chose life for her child. She even opened her heart to adoption, if a suitable bi-racial couple could be found. If you remember, Jennifer and Emeka tried to adopt a different bi-racial baby about this same time last year, but the mother changed her mind late in her pregnancy. Jennifer and Emeka were saddened and hurt, but kept faith in God’s sovereignty and rejoiced that the little girl was given life in the end. This time, they approached the situation with more hesitancy, but everything went through and they now are the parents of little Onyinyechi (on-yin-yeh-chee), which means “God’s gift” in Emeka’s Nigerian language. Thanks to YOU, Truth & Mercy showered them lavishly a few weeks ago. Their legal expenses were high and it all happened quite quickly, so I wanted to help them with practical things. Surrounded by friends and family, they dedicated her to the Lord. We all prayed and prophesized over her. It was a shower like none other, hosted by Brett and Karen. Onyini (for short) was born on my birthday, September 25, and she weighed 4lb 15oz ~ just like a bag of sugar. Rejoice with me! Little Onyini was spared from abortion and adopted into a wonderful Christian home where she will be raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord! Here are photos of her parents and her:

7) Lexus had her baby girl October 3. Little girl Mi-Lynn weighed 5lb 10oz. Vicky Kaseorg met Lexus at the Latrobe killing center, lovingly confronted her, offered her help, and Lexus’s heart softened and turned toward her unborn child. Stonebridge Church, with the direction of Pam Schladensky, hosted her baby shower, and Truth & Mercy filled in some gaps with the gifts by providing clothing from 0-24 months and a pack-n-play. A week after the shower, Vicky was giving Lexus a ride to her sister’s in Greensboro, and once again, sharing the Gospel. God met Lexus right there in the car, and she committed her life to the Lordship of Christ! Amazing! Prolife ministry hits all three vital areas. Prophetic, as we lovingly confront people in their sin and warn them of the consequences of disobedience. Mercy, as we offer a vast array of practical help in the name of Christ. Evangelistic, as we continually proclaim the Gospel on the sidewalk and at every single baby shower, and throughout all our communication with these men and women. Rejoice with the angels! Here is our new sister in the Lord, Lexus, and the lovely baby Mi-Lynn.

8) Latressa delivered her baby girl, who weighed 7lb 10oz, on October 16. To provide a little back story, Jennifer Dorr met Latressa and her boyfriend at the clinic last winter. The child’s father had demanded that the “problem” be taken care of because he didn’t want “it”. Thankfully, the Monroe HELP Center’s mobile ultrasound unit was on site at the abortion clinic, so Latressa could see her baby, the baby we now know as Jayla Latrice. The father is now, months later, grateful that Latressa did not surrender to his demands. Time has an incredible affect on the hearts and souls of humans. Mary Rushing befriended Latressa in May and she has become a part of their family, since they live 5 minutes apart. Mary hosted Latressa’s baby shower and Truth & Mercy provided blankets and a crib bedding set, to fill in some gaps. The sidewalk counselors at the abortion clinics are so incredibly fruitful, I can’t possibly keep up with them and shower all the moms who need help. Thankfully, Mary generously stepped up to handle the shower. When Latressa went into labor in the middle of the night, she dropped her daughter, Essence, age 4, at Mary’s house for care, while she was in the hospital. The services we pro-lifers provide are quite varied! Here is Latressa at her shower, and Latressa again with both of her daughters.

9) My next shower was for Alicia, who Vicky Kaseorg and Karen Woods met at the Latrobe abortion clinic. Vicky and Karen ministered truth and hope to her. Alicia has a long, long list of difficult circumstances to overcome. Her boyfriend is in prison, and will be for several more years. This is her fourth child, and the second with this man. She, herself, is a convicted criminal, so securing gainful employment is quite challenging, especially with four children to care for as a single mother. Vicky has lovingly stayed in contact with her and researched countless resources and opportunities for her.  Best of all, she searched for a church in Alicia’s area that would welcome her and support her in practical ways. On the day of her shower back in September, Vicky arranged a meeting with this pastor and a lady from his church who will serve as a contact and mentor to Alicia. That meeting went very well, and Alicia has been attending that church since, glory to God! Truth & Mercy showered her so lavishly, that it took both my van and Vicky’s to get all her gifts to her up in Statesville. In addition to all the typical gifts, I gave her a beautiful dresser/changing table that matched the crib. Alicia is a smart, sweet young lady who professes Christ. She testifies that she came to Christ when she was in prison a couple of years ago. It was difficult to have a meaningful Gospel conversation, on the level I desired, because her three children were there and things were a bit rowdy, but she did know a good deal about the Gospel and answered most of my questions in a doctrinally correct fashion, much to my delight and surprise. When I asked her about fornication, she humbly admitted that she had been wrong. She did offer this response, “In our eyes, we are married.” I replied, “But you are not married in God’s eyes, and His eyes are the only eyes that matter.” Please pray for Alicia. Her heart is soft. Pray that she continues in fellowship at this great Bible-believing and preaching church. Pray that her children come to Christ…all four of them. She is expecting a baby boy November 22. This is Alicia (right) with Vicky (left).

10) Last Saturday I showered Jina, a Korean young lady and her story is miraculous. Last May, Jina and her husband, Sam, came to the Latrobe abortion center and met Charlene Geisler. They came with heavy hearts. They desperately wanted their unborn child. They live in Charlotte, but days before had traveled to Atlanta to meet with a Korean Ob/Gyn. Atlanta has a large Korean population and Korean medical doctors. Jina and Sam felt more comfortable with a doctor who spoke their native language and thought this would be a good course of action. She had already taken four at-home pregnancy tests, which had all been positive. They were happy about this pregnancy. Incredulously, this doctor personally performed an ultrasound on her and quickly and abruptly announced there was no heartbeat and no baby. He said the embryonic sac was empty. He warned them to have surgery right away to avoid infection. “Right away,” he emphasized repeatedly. He advised them to patronize a local abortion clinic for a surgical D&C, because his fee would be too high. They don’t have insurance and are of very modest means. You see, they are Christians and are here because Sam is in seminary. He is also the pastor of a tiny little church that reaches out to Korean nationals in our area. Added to that, he is also a part-time chaplain in the US Army National Guard. They have a 21-month son, David. Heartbroken, they returned to Charlotte and made an appointment at the Latrobe abortion center. They prayed for a sign and a miracle from God. When they pulled up, they found a small group of Christians on the sidewalks and a big RV parked in the street. Charlene approached them with a smile and asked them to talk. She heard their tearful story and invited them onto the Monroe HELP Center’s RV for a free ultrasound…just to make sure. They believed this was their sign from God. To everyone’s joy and surprise, a healthy little baby with fingers and toes appeared on the screen. The heartbeat was audible. This was two days after the Atlanta doctor told them the baby was dead and there was no heartbeat. Tears of joy! Be aware that it is extremely doubtful that the clinic personnel would have told them the truth. This baby was saved, even though he was wanted! Last month, Jina learned that her baby is a boy and Truth & Mercy abundantly showered her a few days ago. Charlene attended as well and we had a glorious time learning more of her story. Still living in Korea, she became a Christian while in college, largely through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ…just like I did! We had an immediate bond, though we are probably more than 30 years apart in age. She even worked on staff with CCC for a few years after she graduated. Pray for Jina and Sam, as they have many monetary hurdles, especially with the upcoming birth of their baby. Remember, they don’t have insurance and don’t qualify for Emergency Medicaid (like illegals do). If you feel led to help them financially, contact me. She is expecting a baby boy, to be named Daniel, on January 25. Here are Jina (left) and Charlene (right):

As a post script, I just have to tell you what a joy and privilege it was for me to work with Charlene. She is the delightful daughter-in-law of Norman Geisler, world-renowned Bible teacher, author, and seminary president! Wow! This ministry has some perks! Charlene ministers at the Latrobe clinic one morning each week, and Norman Geisler did the same in years past, when he lived and worked in Texas.

Thank you to all Truth & Mercy’s wonderful, faithful, generous and trusting ministry friends. I stand in amazement at your kindness and support. Thank you! You truly make this possible.

I want to send shout outs of thanks to these incredible folks:

Thank to Jerry and Carolyn Lively, who completely cover my biggest ministry expense each month – storage rental. I was so tempted quit the ministry a couple of years back because it was so difficult and time consuming to function is such a small space. The Livelys made it possible for me to work with much more ease and efficiency. Thank you!

Thanks to Cindy Holleman, who has managed the baby clothing for several years! She makes my life so much better! Thank you, Cindy! Words can’t describe my appreciation for your faithful, excellent, on-going service!

Thanks to Sarah West, who is a new ministry friend. She has been sorting and rounding up donations from local consignment sales and mommy groups, and she’s also found some great online deals on baby stuff.

Thanks to Rachel and Tim Barnes who found an abundance of baby goods at a local consignment sale. Great deals on great stuff! Thanks guys!

Thanks to Rachel’s mom, Lisa Robbins, is also a huge help when it comes to consignment sales!

Thanks to Ann Marie Lloyd who is regular bounty hunter at area yard sales and a long time ministry supporter. Thanks Ann Marie!

Thanks to another regular yard sale hunter wants to remain anonymous…but you know who you are!

Thanks to Samantha Lauterbach for offering to make diaper cakes for the moms! She and her daughter have made eight so far and are poised to make many more in a variety of shapes and themes!

Thanks to Julia Peskir, who rallies a vast array of young mothers to donate loads of baby goods! Julia frequently delivers vanloads of delightful baby items to my home!

Thanks to the scholars in Zeta Epislon’s chapter of the Homeschool Honor Society. They are coming here in a few weeks for a massive service project. I have MOUNDS of baby clothes for them to sort!

I have several more showers coming up and your gifts make them possible. Thank you. I am grateful for your continual generosity and trust.

For His great fame and renown,

Sheryl Chandler

Founder and Director
Truth & Mercy Prolife Ministry

I constantly collect all types of baby items, new and gently used. If you have something to donate, email me at or contact me here and we can work out a collection plan. Financial donations can be made here or checks can be made out to Truth & Mercy and mailed to 4803 Crownvista Drive, Charlotte NC 28269.

Please know that donations are NOT tax deductible.

As always, please refrain from posting any names or photos on social media sites. I work hard to develop relationships with these moms and I carefully describe how I intend to use their stories, names and photos. Please don’t be an agent who would destroy that trust and hard-won bond. Feel free to forward this email in its entirety to your friends, though. Just don’t use social media. Thank you for understanding.

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