Ministry Needs

Current and Ongoing Needs of the Ministry

* diapers in size 1
* wipes
* toiletries: baby wash, lotion, powder and diaper rash ointment
* pacifiers
* medical kits which include: thermometer, nail clippers, medicine dropper, nasal aspirator
* SOLID color crib sheets
* SOLID color play yard sheets
* onesie (undershirts) sets in all sizes 0-24 months, and both genders
* diaper bags
* bottle sets

If you would like to provide some of these items or any other for a shower please contact me through the contact page on the blog.
3 comments on “Ministry Needs
  1. Hi,

    How are you? My name is Raphael. I am one of the council members of a Knights of Columbus council in Charlotte.

    I would like to advocate at our next budgetary meeting to give you a grant for your current and ongoing needs in ministry. I would need some line items with associated costs, a few paragraphs about your ministry, and a contact person. A photo from the ministry may also be helpful when I put together the page for the proposal. I can’t promise anything but I can certainly advocate for you.


    • Jennifer, I am SOOOO sorry! I just now saw this…I just got notified…but when I look at your submission date, it was back in JUNE! Crazy! So sorry. Gently use is perfect! Most of what I give is clean and gently-used! If you want to arrange delivery/pick up, let me know. I live near Concord Mills Mall, in Highland Creek subdivision. It’s in NE Charlotte. Thank you!

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