December 2010 Update

Christmas greetings to you all! May your hearts and your homes be filled with the same splendor and glory that filled Bethlehem’s sky that amazing night so long ago. Come and worship the King of Glory! Our God is with us, Emmanuel. No other religion dares to make that claim.

Once again, there is a great deal of news to relay to you. I know this season is busy, but please take the time to hear of what God has done in the lives of so many. He has a special place for the most defenseless and vulnerable among us, His unborn image-bearers.

I’ll start with the births of 3 babies, all of whom were once scheduled to be aborted.

Latisa delivered quite a SURPRISE on October 30. Since week 20 of her pregnancy, when she had her ultrasound, she expected a girl — that’s what the doctors told her she was having. I showered her with girl clothes, girl toys, girl bedding, girl towels, even pink and purple bottles. Well, God has a sense of humor because little “Donnella” is now called “Donnell”! He’s all boy and he weighed in at 5lb 6oz. It makes for quite a humorous story, but it was a lot of work to re-do all her shower gifts! Latisa is thrilled with her little boy, but she did have to make some mental adjustments. Bless the Lord, Latisa is married! She now has 5 children, from 1 month to 16 years. Here is Donnell. The second photo is Donnell with his 2-year old big brother. God has done great things and they are GLAD!

Donnell & Brother

Patty delivered little George via C-section, two days after Latisa, on November 1. He weighed 8lb 11oz and was 20.5″ long. He was C-section baby, as planned due to previous Cs. Patty is also a save from the abortion center via Katherine Hearn. Patty’s needs have been extensive and Truth & Mercy showered her lavishly with many things for all her children, including furniture. She now has 3 children. Here is George at the hospital:

George Enrique

Shameeka delivered Kimora on December 9, also via planned C-section. She weighed 7lb 2oz and is adorable! That triple stroller is now in use! Thank you again to Jerry and Carolyn Lively for that expensive, specialty item! Shameeka has one-year old boy/girl twins, a 2-year old son, a 9-year old son, and now little Kimora. She is one hardworking, busy mom. Here they are:

Shameeka with Kimora

Shower News

Itzel’s shower was held November 27, Thanksgiving weekend. I am thankful that this baby is now loved and safe from danger. Miriam, a saved mom herself who is now a Christian ministering at the very abortion center she once went to, met Itzel there. Due to God’s grace and Miriam’s testimony, Itzel was persuaded to choose life for her unborn child. This is an amazing miracle, one which has come full-circle.

You might remember Miriam. I showered her in 2009. Her little baby girl, Evelyn, who was once scheduled to be aborted, is now 1.5 years old. Miriam was transformed by the power of God and is now a follower of Christ, devoted to His service. Regularly, she comes to the very abortion mill where God found her and she ministers life and truth. Itzel, with her unborn son, is fruit of Miriam’s redeemed life. Itzel is due in a few weeks. Here are Miriam (left) and Itzel (right):

Miriam & Itzel

Next was Amanda’s shower on December 12. To my knowledge she was never abortion-bound. She did, however, need practical help. A friend of Truth & Mercy, Jill Graham, asked if I could help her. Amanda is a former high school student of Jill’s and they’ve stayed in touch over the years. In typical Truth & Mercy fashion, she was showered lavishly! Amanda is expecting a girl, to be named Addison, on Jan. 12.


I hate to sound repetitive, but I want to make certain you are aware of the nature and extent to which these moms and families are provided for. Most receive: crib, mattress, bedding, car seat, stroller, swing, bouncy seat, tub, Boppy pillow, floor toy, 2 years worth of clothing in sizes 0-24 months, monitor, diaper bag stuffed with toiletries, medical kit, diapers, wipes, hooded towels, washcloths, bottles, bibs, toys, books and more. I often supply toddler car seats. booster seats, and toys for older siblings as well.

I’m able to do this because of generous supporters like YOU! Thank you for another amazing year. These gifts allow me the opportunity to share the Gospel with these moms, both in word and deed. The gifts are an expression of God’s love and mercy and care for them.

I provided gifts, like the ones listed above, for 21 showers in 2010. That amounts to a LOT of baby equipment and supplies! It’s been a fruitful and glorious year. God has faithfully provided through you all and I’m so grateful. My expenses are always at a minimum. It’s nothing short of miraculous that this ministry can operate with only one regular overhead expense: monthly storage rent. I don’t know of any other ministry that can do so much and be so effective on such a tiny budget. Giving to Truth & Mercy is an extremely good deal! Your gift goes a very long way! 99% of what you give goes directly to the mothers and their families. There are no salaries and no big overhead expenses.

I ask that you give and continue to give. I can’t do it without you!

I have several showers lined up for 2011: Brandy, Wendy, Megan, Alejandra and Guadalupe.

Remember See? She is due 1.1.11 with a little girl! Be praying for a safe delivery.

I have a great need for cribs, mattresses and D*I*A*P*E*R*S. Let me know if you can help. You can mail a gift to Truth & Mercy at 4803 Crownvista Drive, Charlotte NC 28269. (Gifts are not tax-deductible, however.)

Rejoice! Our God is with us! Emmanuel! Come and worship Him.
Sheryl Chandler

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