August 2011 Update

Summer is winding down, even though the weather is still plenty hot! Last week, my children and I officially began the new school year. This year, we are studying The Ancients (from Creation to Christ) in history, literature and Bible and I’m thoroughly thrilled about it! This year will be, in practice, an Old Testament survey of sorts, culminating in the Cross of Christ. All events prior point forward, to the cross, and all events after, point back to the cross. The Cross is truly the center of all human history. Praise the Lord for His glorious entry into space and time, for the redemption of sinful man!

Considering the limitations of space and time…I must get started with news of life!

First, I want to shout from the mountaintops what God has ordained for Lupita. You might remember my last report, where I made known Lupita’s need for a new HVAC system for her small home. You all continue to amaze me, time and time again. Becky Hardenbrook knew of a man from her church, Carl Seger, who owns an HVAC company called Air Source. She forwarded my request to Carl, and because of Carl, and a business man who still remains anonymous, Lupita is about to receive a new system at NO COST to her! Carl will provide all the labor free of charge and the businessman has covered the expense of the new system, which will be installed next week. Trane, the manufacturer, reduced their normal price on the unit. I stand in awe of the generosity of these men and the goodness of our Lord to weave everything together. Lupita and her family are so grateful and amazed. You might remember that Lupita is a NEW believer in Christ, the glorious fruit of sidewalk counseling and follow-up ministry. She and I have talked many times about how God is caring for her and providing for her. She is witnessing firsthand the power of God at work. This testimony is also being witnessed by her extended family members and itโ€™s speaking volumes to them, as well. Praise the Lord! If you have any HVAC needs, may I wholeheartedly recommend Carl with Air Source? He’s a trustworthy man who lives the Gospel!

I also want to thank Dena and Stephen Nilsen, who graciously donated a window A/C unit for Lupita to use! You guys made the situation much more bearable!

Enjoy this recent photo of Lupita’s son, Henry Yeshua, who was saved from abortion and is now 3 months old:


Ronisha, who I reported on last time, had her baby boy Kayden in late June. They live in Mt. Gilead NC, which is about 1.5 hours away. These blurry cell phone pictures are the best I have right now:


Next, I found out about a homeless woman who recently had a baby boy. A local street preacher, Joe Leoni, plucked her, her newborn son Gabriel, and her 2-year old son Jose, from the streets and is providing housing for them. He called me to ask for baby provisions and I was honored to help! I took lots of diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, blankets, and a bassinet to Veronica and her sons in early July. Pray for them. Their needs are great. Thankfully, Joe is providing the glorious Gospel truth – in word and deed – to Veronica. Here are photos of Veronica and her boys:

Veronica & Gabriel

Next, I provided shower gifts for Chioma and her family. Chioma and her husband are from Africa and they have a newborn daughter. They are believers and attend a local church with a friend of mine, Jill, who contacted me about helping this struggling family. Truth & Mercy provided 2-years of clothing, crib bedding, hooded towels and washcloths, baby tub, diapers, wipes, toiletries, diaper bag, books, toys, picture frames, pacifiers, nursing pillow, sippy cups, bibs, hangers and more. Jill took the gifts to Chioma, so I didn’t get a chance to meet her personally, but this saved me a lot of time. I’m sorry that I don’t have a photo of this sweet, grateful family.

Baby news is next! LaPortia, whose shower I reported on last time, had her third baby girl July 20. Tamiah Tiana weighed 6lb 4oz and was 20″ long. You might remember that LaPortia came to the Latrobe abortion clinic at 18 weeks, shortly after her ultrasound revealed she was carrying another girl. Yes. She and her husband decided to abort because they did not want another girl. Sex selection abortions happen all the time. The Latrobe killing center will abort an unborn child up to 20 weeks. That allows plenty of time to find out the gender of the child. Thankfully, LaPortia and her husband softened to the pleas of Katherine Hearn and Leah Gibson, who were there intervening and ministering truth and hope that day. Thankfully, the Lord changed their hearts. And thanks to you, Truth & Mercy was able to lavishly shower them, demonstrating in word and deed the goodness and mercy of the Lord. LaPortia and Octavius have since repented of their earlier plans and God is clearly working in their hearts. Rejoice that Satan’s attempts on this precious life were rebuked. Little Tamiah, who God knit together in secret, is now here for us all to see:


More wonderful news! My next shower was for Tina and her husband, Eric. They were met at the Latrobe killing center last February by faithful sidewalk counselors, Kathy Pavkovic and Jeannette Wilson. Tina breaks through many of the stubborn misconceptions about those who seek abortions. Tina and Eric have been married for years. She is 41 years old and has a good, stable job. They have two sons who are 13 and 10. They certainly have many personal challenges and hurdles, but 99.9% of those seeking abortions are NOT the “hard cases” you hear touted in the media (raped 12 year olds, for example) Jeannette and Kathy contacted me right away about Tina and I, along with them, set out to establish a relationship with her. I also offered her a bountiful shower to alleviate some very real and pressing concerns. She has proven to be a sweet, appreciative woman and has been a delight to know.

Thanks to you, I was able to provide a couple of Walmart gift cards throughout the pregnancy to help them with groceries. A couple of weeks before her shower date, the Lord again provided in an amazing way. I received an email from Julia, a “stranger”, offering to donate a nursery full of furniture! Well, it’s hard for me to turn down such treasure, but frankly, I didn’t have room in my storage unit for all that Julia had to give. But…if Tina could use it all, I could give it directly to Tina. Sure enough, she wanted the whole matching set: crib, mattress, dresser, bookshelf and toy box! I picked it up from Julia and her husband and took it directly to Tina and Eric. They were stunned by the provision of the Lord! Here they are with the bounty of furniture:

Tina & Eric with Furniture
Tina & Eric

A week later, her shower date arrived. I took my van, bulging again with gifts, to her and Eric. Jeannette and Kathy joined me. Tina spent two hours pouring over the beautiful gifts (from YOU!) and then I took her to dinner where we poured over the amazing Gospel message for another two hours. It was a glorious and divinely ordained conversation and she is *R I P E* for the harvest. She professes to be a Christian, as most Americans do. I left her with a great Gospel book, “Anchor for the Soul” and several other items, including another gift card for groceries. Please pray for Tina and her sweet family! Pray that they all fully submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Past sins have wreaked havoc in their lives. I pray that God will redeem what the locust have stolen (Joel 2:25), for His glory. He is all about the business of redeeming lives!

In addition to all the previously mentioned furniture, Truth & Mercy also provided a changing table, swing, car seat, stroller, high chair, crib bedding set, towels, blankets, bottles, bibs, toiletries, diaper bag, toys, books, two-years of baby clothing, diapers, wipes, formula, sling carrier, monitor, grocery cart cover, tub, hangers, maternity clothes and more. She is expecting her third son in October:

Tina & Family

My next 2 showers are for Jennifer and Jennifer! Two Jennifer’s! ๐Ÿ™‚

I pray that, by sharing these stories, your faith is built up and that God’s deeds are made known, thereby glorifying Him, the Author of all life. “Come and see the works of God, Who is awesome in His deeds toward the sons of men.” Psalm 66:5

Thank you for continually equipping me for the work of ministry!

For His great glory and fame,
Sheryl Chandler

PS: My neighbor and friend, Edwina Pegram, generously continues to offer proceeds from Jafra sales to Truth & Mercy as an ongoing fundraiser. You can order from her by calling 919-244-7516, emailing or visiting
Don’t forget to mention Truth & Mercy when you contact her. Thank you!

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