Update on Niosha

Before this post will make sense, readers need to know that Niosha had to deliver her boy/girl twins via emergency c-section at just 27-weeks due to dangerously high, uncontrollable blood pressure issues. They were born Saturday, July 23, 2012 about 10:30 am. God was pleased to save these babies from abortion a few months ago…may He be pleased to save them again, for His glory and fame. We continue to pray for the babies’ development, as well as Niosha’s health.

Dear Praying Friends for Life,
Your prayers have been heard. God has been so good. The news is better than I could have expected so far, but much still needs to be accomplished so keep praying, please!

Katherine and I were able to visit Niosha Sunday evening and meet her three little girls, her boyfriend, her mom who just flew in from NY, and her boyfriend’s mom. Yes, it was a FULL hospital room, but there was much happiness and joy in it.

She finally was able to see her babies! With tears in her eyes, she showed me pictures on her phone and they are precious. She even got to touch the little girl. She can only touch them when their linens or diapers are being changed. Her hands give scale to the size of the baby. Notice how her legs are about the size of Niosha’s fingers! Notice her eyes are OPEN!


She sends her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all who have prayed!

The baby girl weighs just 1lb 13oz and the boy is 2lb 3.9oz. Jarrell, the boy, was breathing on his own but is now on the respirator. Both babies have apnea and “forget” to breathe. Both are taking breastmilk through a (needle-less) syringe put to their lips, which is remarkable to me. Time will tell about their development. I ask you to pray that they would miraculously develop just as they would have in the womb. There are risks of blindness, deafness, mental and physical impairments, etc. We know the One Who knitted them together can finish the job in any environment. He is not limited now just because they are out of the womb. His power knows no limits. His grace has no bounds. His love and mercy are infinite.

Niosha and her boyfriend were having tender and sweet “name debates” for the girl while we were there. Niosha told me many weeks ago she wanted to name the boy “Jarrell, Jr.” and the girl “Justice” but suddenly, on Saturday, it was “Jamilla” b/c the boyfriend preferred that. They were each so sweet trying to prefer one another over themselves. They drew names from a bag, and he “won” but he deferred to her. He didn’t want to win at her expense. It was sweet and tender and I’m thankful I was able to witness this interaction. I talked to her at noon today and the name is JUSTICE! (In my role as peacemaker, I suggested calling her JJ, Jamilla Justice! All in favor???)

Niosha’s blood pressure is still elevated, but it’s lower today, thankfully. Please pray that all her vitals would be normal. She’s never experienced any blood pressure issues in the past. This is totally new for her. She is 27 years old and otherwise healthy.

She is still in a lot of pain from the C-section. This is a woman who can tolerate pain. She had her three girls completely naturally with no meds or epidurals, so when she says it hurts, I believe her. Pray that her pain would be managed.

The best case scenario is that they will release her tomorrow if her bp stabilizes. The babies will be hospitalized until September most likely, which was their due date. We’re talking about having her shower this Friday, if she makes it home by then. We’d like to do it before her mom has to fly back to NY. I hope this can happen! Everything is ready and waiting!

Thank you again for praying…and I ask you to continue. I believe your prayers have moved the hand of God. These babies are doing far better than I expected at this point. They still face tremendous developmental hurdles and momma’s bp needs to come down and her pain needs to be managed…so keep pounding heaven’s gates on their behalf!

Many of you have asked if Niosha is a Christian. I usually bring out the “big Gospel talk” at the shower over dinner, but of course she was delivering the babies at the time we scheduled her shower! I’ve talked to her a little bit about the Lord and she *professes* to be a Christian. She answered all my questions *correctly* but I’m skeptical. The fruit of her life wouldn’t indicate that she’s a true believer. Most Americans would say they were Christian. This is one of Satan’s greatest deceptions in our culture. He deceives many into thinking they are believers. The American church, as a whole, has done a shoddy (understatement of the year) job preaching the Gospel. I hope to have a divine opportunity in the near future to talk with her more. Honestly, I’d rather witness to an atheist or a Muslim than someone who *thinks* they are a Christian. Pray for MUCH, MUCH grace for me to handle this rightly, sensitively and in a God-glorifying manner.

Sheryl Chandler
Truth & Mercy Prolife Ministries

I know your motives are good, but may I ask you NOT to forward or post this elsewhere, including Facebook, without first deleting and/or changing the names? Niosha has given me permission to share this with you all who are on my Truth & Mercy list but I’d like to limit it going further if their names are included. Thank you for respecting her privacy. These are delicate, personal issues.

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